American ready-to- wear brand FANG debuts a directional unisex collection for Fall/Winter 2022, expanding on its statement knitwear and everyday essentials offerings while introducing heavy-duty winter coats for the first time. The accompanying visual campaign features a set of twins and a range of reflective surfaces to demonstrate the versatility and dual intent of the collection.

The campaign showcases the collection’s versatility and endless styling possibilities. Another common thread that ties the campaign together is the appearance of mirrors and other reflective surfaces the likes of mylar and tin foil in its visuals. “I wanted to use reflection to convey the multitude within each one of us“, said the brand’s Creative Director Fang Guo. “Reflection proposes a space for reality and imagination, our outlook as well as what we feel on the inside – just like the collection is meant to be used as a vehicle to channel self-confidence from inside and out.