What do you need for a 24-hour trip to the other side of the world? Money, passport, a statement outfit and something comfy for the journey. That’s the jetsetter mix of ease and excess that EYTYS celebrates in its Fall/Winter 2024 collection, inspired by the legendary Concorde aircraft.

The Concorde was not just a plane, it was a symbol of luxury and speed. It flew across the Atlantic at twice the speed of sound, carrying an elite group of businessmen and rockstars who mingled in its first-class cabin. The Concorde was a paradox: a coach-like interior with caviar and champagne, a sleek design with a noisy engine, a supersonic dream with a tragic end.

EYTYS revisits the Concorde era with a collection that blends sartorial elegance and punk attitude. The Concorde Social Club is a concept that evokes the exclusive atmosphere of the plane, where a striped shirt becomes sequined and a derby shoe gets spiked. The collection also pays homage to the casual airport look of the celebrities, who wore sweaters, caps and glasses to hide from the paparazzi. EYTYS offers foldable ballerinas, dressy track pants and oversized hoodies for the modern jetsetters who value comfort and style.

Check out the collection below: