In the heart of the dynamic city of Accra, the Ghanaian capital nestled along the Gulf of Guinea, a community of versatile creatives thrives, excelling in the world of music, fashion, and art. Accra’s vibrant energy and rich cultural tapestry have set the stage for the ‘Keep playing keep dancing’ collection by EYTYS for Fall/Winter 2023.

Behind the lens for the campaign is the Accra-born photographer and filmmaker, David Nana Opoku Ansah. Known for his poetic and unconventional approach to storytelling through contemporary photography, Ansah captures the essence of youth culture, community, and authenticity. His work exudes a sense of freedom and vulnerability that resonates with the spirit of the ‘Keep playing keep dancing’ collection.

What makes this campaign even more special is that it’s brought to life by an all-Ghanaian team. EYTYS has a knack for collaborating with world-class talent off the beaten track of the fashion industry, and this venture celebrates the extraordinary talents and creative community thriving within and beyond the sparkling borders of West Africa.

Rashida, Rayan, and Prince, the faces of this campaign, are artfully captured through David Nana Opoku Ansah’s lens and styled by Etchell Dorkenoo. Together, they breathe life into Accra’s streets, infusing the city’s soul into every frame.

Check out the campaign images below: