It’s not every day you turn twenty, and that’s just why Etnia Barcelona wants to celebrate it by launching new models for its Heritage Collection, colored in Etnia Azul color block. A color that has helped mark the history of Etnia Barcelona and embodies the very character of the brand: transgressive, pure, intense and bursting with life.

The four models in the anniversary collection – “THE EINSTEIN”. “THE KENNEDY”, “THE KAHLO”,  and “THE KUBRICK” – offer the wearer a unique visual experience, both in terms of colour and quality: Fashioned in 7 millimeters natural 3D Mazzucchelli acetate, the frames are notched to create relief and offer greater comfort. One side features the font exclusively created for the firm’s twentieth, while the other bears a symbol: an eye with rays of light, an eye with lashes, an eye and a pyramid, or an eye with false lashes, referencing the Anthony Burgess’s book on which the Stanley Kubrick film, “A Clockwork Orange”, was based.

For the campaign, Etnia Barcelona continues its journey through some of the most popular icons of the history of humanity. Icons that have helped inspire the brand and which, without a doubt, would serve as perfect ambassadors for the Barcelona firm. Take a look below:

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