Estelita Mendonça unveiled its Spring/Summer 2023 collection during Portugal Fashion.

After the pandemic, we started wondering about the idea of movement and how this could be counted. The concept of transformation, of change within the movement. The way people, nations and concepts move and transform during time. We tried to interpret this idea using layering of different materials and colors, exposing seams and finishes almost as some pieces were still in transformation. Contrast stitches and textures in the same piece and the use of transparency and opacity were also used to develop this idea. In pieces like the Ampere T-shirt, you can see the zigzag embroidery linking various points as if it was a trajectory between them. We rubberized caps and some seams by hand to create a wet look. In terms of color, we have a neutral background where some strong colors pop. There is a sportswear feeling in the collection that also hints at movement.