This season, a change of perspective helped guide the direction for Ernest W. Baker‘s Fall/Winter 2023 collection. Since the brand’s origin, inspiration has been derived from the sartorially classic dress codes within menswear, particularly referencing elderly gentlemen and how they helped build and define these codes.

This season there was a simple shift in perspective, as this collection was inspired from the classical elegance and glamour seen in elderly women, self-titling the collection “Grandma Chic.”

At a time where the line between menswear and womenswear has become more blurred, this collection was built within this blur. Freely moving references between the two yet ensuring that each can be identified on their own.

A collection referencing grandmothers wouldn’t be complete without ensuring that a sense of love and comfort was inserted into the collection, something so naturally emitted from our grandmothers.

Take a look at the collection below: