Endless Joy unveils its latest collection of cool artworks, a psychedelic journey inspired by hallucinogenic elements from cultures worldwide and the tapestry of comparative mythology. This new line seamlessly weaves the brand’s signature provocative art into outerwear, scarves, and limited-edition shirts, promising to be a head-turner this winter.

In harmony with the mainline FW23 collection, this fresh capsule delves into profound themes of immortality and spirituality, drawing inspiration from Greek and Egyptian mythology as well as Balinese practices. The artistic duo and brand founders, Stevie and Alexandra Anderson, draw upon their nomadic adventures to create works that bring cross-cultural ancestral stories to life. You’ll find these tales vividly illustrated on soft tailored overcoats, chore and blouson jackets, shirts, and scarves.

These artworks vividly portray worldly fables, such as “Momento Mori” and “Daimonic Dream,” challenging our perception of mortality. Meanwhile, “Gnosis” and “Samhain” delve into surreal biblical iconography, drawing from ancient Gnostic and Celtic beliefs. The collection introduces astrology allegories, with “Zodiac” exploring zodiac signs across Babylonian, Egyptian, Chinese, Vedic, Mayan, and Aztec cultures.

Crafted with eco-friendly fabrics, Endless Joy commits to giving back, with 1% of all profits going to charity. Moreover, for every shirt sold, they plant three trees, leaving a positive impact on the planet.

Check out the collection below: