EÑAUT presented its new collection titled “Oil Sea” during 080 Barcelona Fashion. The collection is presented on the twentieth anniversary of the disaster caused by the Prestige, when more than 21,000 tons of oil were spilled into the sea.

This catastrophe is still happening today, which is why this collection is a criticism of the abusive use of oil and the damage it causes to the environment and especially to the sea and its wildlife.

EÑAUT pays great attention to detail, pampering his patterns and opting for an ethically sustainable philosophy. The collection is designed for the contemporary man who is concerned about his image and is a lover of art and design.

We met with the designer right before he presented his collection at the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, and here’s what he told us:

Oil Sea. Tell us a bit about the new collection you are presenting at 080 Barcelona Fashion.

Oil Sea is created from the investigation of the Prestige disaster, which turns 20 years old. This catastrophe continues to happen today, which is why this collection is a criticism of the abusive use of oil and the damage it causes to the environment and especially to the sea and its fauna. We will see this concept reflected in the collection in the form of black spots on pristine garments, and in the use of corsets, which come to reflect the sticky pressure that animals suffer due to spills in the sea. I have also added red as an alarm color, which creates contrast and draws your attention, or glasses with details in the form of spilled drops. All this together with the music that we have created with alert touches, I hope to make the viewer reflect in a certain way.

How is sustainability present in your creative process?

I try to implement it in all aspects that I can. Starting with the design and choice of sustainable or recycled fabrics, with clothing made in our own workshop that ensures we create the least possible waste or waste. Ends with a production with limited units or pre-sale.

How can we end rampant consumerism?

I believe that action must begin with oneself. Many times consumerism can be driven by one’s well-being, for this reason, we should do an internal analysis to be aware when looking for pleasures and instead fill those possible gaps with more sentimental things that unite us again with one. same. Besides, we as designers also have a duty to create awareness, which is why we have implemented a new shopping experience and have somehow hidden the products behind a survey that aims to make you think before you have the option to see the products. and buy. This proposal is a beginning that I intend to perfect. With all this, I hope that we will advance little by little.

How has the experience of presenting your collection been in such an emblematic place as MACBA?

Very positive. I think that in the same way that Macba tries to break with the traditionality of the old town with the contemporary movement and urban subculture, we have also wanted to create that counterpoint with the new collection. In addition, it is architecturally very interesting and has offered us a blank canvas in which the new pieces have been perfectly integrated.

Which garment would you say is your favorite from the collection?

It is always a difficult question, normally I tend to have it a little clearer, but this time I think it has been a very compact collection full of details and it is difficult for me to decide since all the garments have their thing. But for example, there is a dress with legs out in which it was nice to see the whole process and the finished piece, it was also gratifying to see the path we followed with the ceramic pieces. And also the pieces with paint, they were the ones that scared me the most to finish, but I am very happy with the final result.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

Well, I would like to continue with my work and be able to continue launching collections with a message and manage to create some influence towards better consumption. I would also love to go a little deeper into Europe and get a little internationalization of the market.

Take a look at the collection below: