Edward Cuming’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection marks a poignant departure from the light-heartedness of previous seasons, venturing into the complex interplay of persistent hopefulness amidst the stark challenges faced by emerging studios and the broader fashion industry.

This season’s palette is somber, with subdued and dark tones setting the stage for a series of deliberate design choices that include slashing, cutting, and fringing—reflecting the relentless pace of the industry. The collection methodically strips back layers, seeking to reveal an underlying authenticity. It celebrates imperfections, subverts expectations, and juxtaposes the conventional, disrupting familiar shapes with unexpected volume, splashes of color, and playful details. This approach not only maintains but emphasizes the brand’s commitment to fabric innovation as a foundational element of design. The result is a collection that boldly reaffirms the brand’s optimistic spirit, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary fashion essentials.

Check out the collection below: