In the heart of Morocco, where the Atlas Mountains carve the sky, a story of cultural harmony and resilience unfolds. February 2023 saw London-based photographer Thomas Lohr traverse the Moroccan landscape to Imlil, a village that has quietly risen as a beacon for mountain enthusiasts.

Lohr’s lens captured the unique sartorial blend of the local mountain guides: the traditional, flowing jellabas, adorn with the modern Salomon shoes. This juxtaposition of heritage and innovation inspired Lohr to collaborate with Salomon, crafting a visual narrative documenting local guides wearing pieces from the ADVANCED collection.


However, the tranquility of this idyllic setting was soon shattered by a 6.8-magnitude earthquake that rocked the Al Haouz region. Imlil, heavily reliant on the thrum of tourism, was left reeling in the aftermath. Yet, the indomitable spirit of the locals shone through the rubble. With the support of global relief efforts and the unyielding solidarity of the Moroccan people, the village began to rebuild.

Salomon, moved by the uncompromising welcome of the locals amidst their own tribulations, extended their support to a fundraiser aimed at aiding the recovery. Discover more about the charity association HERE!

Check out below the images captured by Thomas Lohr: