Duran Lantink‘s work has taken on a new dimension since he debuted at Paris Fashion Week last March. From that moment on, the notoriety of the brand and the designer has only increased, and that is reflected in the attendees at his latest show, as when he debuted at the French edition of Fashion Week, the show took place in a normal-sized space and there were plenty of free seats, quite the opposite of the last one.

The Palais de Tokyo was the place chosen to present the Spring/Summer 2024 collection of the ANDAM special prize winner, where everything was white and there were no props at all, thought for the guests to focus their eyes on the fantasy and fun style creations, dominated by exaggerated volumes and circular silhouettes, hallmarks of the brand, such as the denim mini shorts, the skirts that looked like floats, or the tubular crop tops.

Reused denim was one of the most used fabrics in the garments. It was employed to make trousers, but not as they are usually made, but in a different way, adding pieces of transparent gauze, which helped to generate an optical effect of floating. In the tops, the same thing happened, the chiffon was used and sometimes it was accompanied by red rounded appliqués. A large part of the pieces mentioned are made from recycled or upcycled fabrics, like nylon, lycra, and vintage lace.

Before you say anything, we are aware that last season we saw similar clothes, but according to the press release sent by the brand, this is part of the intention to create a language of its own, hence some of the looks have been inspired by those of Fall/Winter 2023. Of this, the Dutchman commented: “We’re interested in exploring the classics and what could be made new within them. We want to perfect them but in our own way”.

Check out the Duran Lantink Spring/Summer 2024 collection below: