It was in 2019 when Dutch designer Duran Lantink appeared on our radar, after becoming one of the nominees for the prestigious LVMH Prize. Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to win first place but he succeed, two years later, to attract the attention of many fashion critics, because of the Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter collection he presented digitally, as we were still in the middle of the pandemic season at the time.

The timeless collection which we refer to above, caught the attention of some because many of the garments that were designed contained leftovers from different brands, including the prestigious French fashion house Louis Vuitton, who certainly did not dislike it. With this proposal, Lantink partly wanted to make fun of the shortcomings of the fashion industry and, above all, to give it some much-needed humor.

A lot has happened in the meantime, including the fact that the designer has packed his suitcases and flown to Paris to make his debut at the fashion week, no less. This is an achievement that every designer, especially an emerging one, dreams of reaching and experiencing at least once in a lifetime. Congratulations!

One of the rooms of La Caserne was the place chosen for Duran to display all his talent and conquer those present, who waited almost 40 minutes for the show to start. The wait was worth it, and we say this because it is true that although in the French capital, all shows are at least half an hour late, sometimes they are in vain. Let’s leave it at that…

Forty looks made up the proposal, seventeen masculines, although to say this talking about this brand might sound a bit ambiguous because almost all the garments unveiled were of genderless style. In any case, those worn by the men who composed the cast stood out, especially for the avant-garde style they all exuded. Everything was new as if we had never seen it before. Could it be the result of the excitement and expectation we had for this show? We don’t know, but yes, it could be. Just take a look at one of the coats, designed as a trench coat, which at first glance and from the front looks normal, but when it turns around, we were surprised to find a whole back part of the coat uncovered. The same happened with the trousers, which were high-waisted at the front but low at the back. In the case of the dresses, the same thing happened, such as those worn by the Leon Dame model, which captivated us with the openings on the sides, the composition of different materials and colors, and the outdoor touch they had. There were several stylish pieces, especially for the upper part, which were sometimes mistaken for backpacks.

Volume was something that the Dutchman also showed he had mastered. They were represented in crop tops, dresses, and even coats. Our favorite piece from this part? The navy blue striped midriff-baring top in sailor style, paired with black tailored trousers that drooped slightly on one side.

To highlight the collection, a flowing trench coat, full of scribbles, was on the catwalk. Taking out our magic magnifying glass, we saw how it said “Cha-nel” or messages like “Where can I put money that I have not? Here”. These details, which are partly what make him stand out from the rest, are very hard-wearing.

We recommend you keep an eye on Duran Lantnink because after this glorious debut, it’s clear that he’s come to Paris to stay, and if not, you’ll see for yourself.

Check out the collection below: