In the pursuit of colder horizons, hop on board the regal locomotive and let the elegant piano notes guide your voyage. Maxime Schwab and Dany Dos Santos, inspired by their wanderlust and the art of refined living, pay homage to the legendary Orient Express this season.

Drôle de Monsieur‘s latest collection continues to dance with luxury codes, intertwining iconic damask, paisley, and tartan patterns with classic menswear fabrics – think cozy fleece, velvety corduroy, supple leather, quilted textures, and knits. This luxurious mix is complemented by a color palette reminiscent of the Orient Express’s opulence, including deep forest green and silky burgundy hues borrowed from the Burgundian countryside.

Picture yourself sipping a comforting cup of tea while gazing out at ever-shifting landscapes, engaged in a strategic chess match.

Check out the collection below: