Originality is often defined as a quality that some people possess. Sometimes it can be something very precious, and as we say, not everyone manages to be original, no matter how hard they try. But those who do are the protagonists (and ambassadors) of the Spring/Summer 23 campaign of the American brand Dockers, all of them increasingly inspired: Lil Dre, Jordan Poole, Johny Salido, Maud Le Car, Matthias Dandois, and Tatiana Ringsby.

As we’ve already told you, originality is innate, it can’t be bought or inherited. And according to Dockers, if you want to get closer to being original you have to look inside yourself and bring out the best. This argument/spirit is something that has a lot to do with the exciting new campaign we’re talking about called “Live Original”.

The brand’s home city of San Francisco (California) has been the main source of inspiration and with it everything that goes with it, such as the people who live there, the ideas, and some special places. The campaign has already been presented and has a clear objective, which is to demonstrate that originality is not about being the first to do something, but about what you do and how you do it. An example of this would be the brand taking the classic khaki trouser and transforming it into an everyday casual style staple. It’s a story that combines the optimism, authenticity, and creativity of the Californian lifestyle.

Check out the images from Dockers’ Spring/Summer 23 “Live Original” campaign: