The first rays of sunshine are arriving in cities around the world, indicating that the Spring/Summer season is on its way and almost upon us and that consequently, the cold weather so hated by many is on its way out. To celebrate the arrival of this season, Maison Kitsuné has unveiled its three-part campaign, which involves an immersive adventure through its universe, stopping at various destinations: an otherworldly utopia, a fantasy, and an imagined cityscape.

From January to June, the Maison will continue to carry out its exploration far and wide, freeing itself from the confines of reality: a world that deserves to be discovered, and that showcases the irreverent ease and utilitarian practicality that define the brand.

Each of the parts we refer to is linked to the collection, which expresses a different part of its personality and deals with themes such as playful sensibility, expressed in a hedonistic utopia, or adventurous pragmatism adapted to a natural view. Every change should be celebrated, and if it is the passage from one season to another, even more so. It is time to celebrate (in a poetic way) escapism and exploration from the countryside to the city and the places in between.

We could say that Maison Kitsuné is one of the most versatile brands in existence today, hence its undeniable ability to adapt to all kinds of situations and find a home everywhere. And what you will see everywhere this March will be the second stage of Kitsuné’s journey, which will be unveiled soon. The destination it has chosen for this stop? Earth. In this installment, the idea is to escape the wilderness and embark on a journey into totally unknown terrain in order to showcase its collaboration with Japanese activewear brand and wander.

The collaboration with and wander can be seen through the snapshots, documented by Remi Ferrante. They propose an escape to a natural landscape where you hike through the mountains, discover their highest peaks, and then sit in front of the perfect background image. From there, the world looks calmer and quieter than it seems, but just as energetic, and if you wear the practical style garments they both propose, more so.

Technical materials such as reflective and water-repellent nylon, breathable cotton, and moisture-wicking mesh make the pieces something special. These fabrics are presented especially in the basic elements for exploration, seen through freedom, such as the Nalgene water bottle with the collab logo, the and wander triangle, and the iconic Maison Kitsuné fox; the well-thought-out backpack with abrasion-resistant materials.

These utilitarian basics meet an effortless spirit made up of a palette of earth tones injected with blacks and greys, inspired by the mountains as well as the city; sporty and versatile silhouettes; and playful prints.

When and where will the collaboration between Maison Kitsuné and and wander go on sale? On 4 March in the pre-sale format in Paris (Maison Kitsuné Filles du Calvaire) and Tokyo (Maison Kitsuné Daikanyama). You will also be able to get your hands on any of the items online at and

Stay tuned to discover the third destination of the Maison Kitsuné journey in April 2023.

Check out the campaign below: