Chinese designer Dingyun Zhang has launched a new campaign called “Zodiac Monologues” to mark the lunar new year and showcase his brand’s unique designs that combine hi-tech, nostalgia, and creativity. The campaign features the brand’s signature pieces such as the TN1 Hoodie, the 3D Cargo Pants, and the Reversible “Swollen” Gilet, styled by the designer himself to highlight their movement, functionality, and strength for the new year. The campaign also pays homage to the zodiac sign of the year, the dragon, by creating an abstract dragon head out of a multitude of Helmet Totes and Helmet “Cross-Body” Bags.

The campaign also introduces some exclusive footwear options, such as the Swollen Home Slides and the Leather Home Slides, that reflect the designer’s vision of structure, comfort, and craftsmanship. The campaign was shot in the industrial outskirts of DYZ studio in Shanghai City, where the metallic and scarlet tones of the garments contrasted with the worn environment, creating a special visual effect and a sense of energy for the spring season.

Check out the campaign images below: