The Madrid catwalk welcomed for the first time the ACROMATYX brand, led by Xavi García and Franx de Cristal, who presented their 005 TECHNO collection at the 79th edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The designers joined the official calendar of the established names of the Spanish fashion scene with a proposal that reflects their passion for electronic music and its influence on their style.

The collection features a rigid, elegant and avant-garde aesthetic, with jackets and coats without lapels in fitted or straight silhouettes, overlapping garments and mono-color, and an ode to oversize that showcases the brand’s DNA. The pieces also convey a message of inclusivity and diversity, as they are designed without labels or gender restrictions.

Xavi García and Franx de Cristal explained that their inspiration came from their childhood fascination with the music of the future, TECHNO. “A music that has inspired us and continues to do so because TECHNO is not just music, it is a feeling, a way of looking forward and a CULTURE”, they said.

The color palette of the collection is dominated by black, which allows the designers to explore different textures and fabrics, mostly from sustainable and recycled sources such as RECOVO. The first part of the show featured cold wool, cloth, poplin and organic cotton, while the second part introduced more glamorous materials such as recycled nylon, liquid metal, silk, chiffon and sequins.

One of the highlights of the collection was a chocker necklace with the word Together, written with the iconic typography of David Delfin, the late Spanish designer who was a friend and mentor of the ACROMATYX duo. The necklace was made in collaboration with the jewelry brand Jane Bardot, and it was a tribute to the designer who always supported and encouraged them to pursue their dreams. “We both have the word Together tattooed with this font that David gave us,” they revealed.

The show also featured the jewelry and glasses collection that ACROMATYX created in partnership with the Sherif&Cherry brand, which are now available for pre-order at

Check out the collection below: