DIESEL released its Fall 2020 campaign, which is rooted into one of denim’s key, longstanding elements: memory. Denim gets better with experience and becomes a sort of wearable record of the times you’ve had. The pen marks on the pocket? Doodles during a long flight to a faraway location. The scrape at the hem? From a night spent partying in Berlin. Denim collects these moments no matter what; not even 2020 can cancel a great pair of jeans.

At the center of the Fall 2020 campaign is DIESEL’s new customizable denim collection. Through a special portal on www.diesel.com — and in select stores worldwide — clients will be able to personalize the leather tags on denim with something they could not participate this year. The intention is to commemorate what they did not do, and the memory-making moments that ensued in the absence of those plans. A birthday party called off? Celebrate it by remembering it. A surf trip postponed? Create a keepsake for what might have been and use it as inspiration to plan for a later date – always with your favorite, unforgettable denim.