To be honest and without discrediting anyone, nowadays it’s easy to design, but the difficult thing is to go beyond and differentiate yourself from the rest. Daniel Arsham, an American designer, has achieved this in his debut at Paris Fashion Week, offering us a new installment of his project “Objects IV Life”, which will remain etched in our retinas forever.

Have you ever seen a sculpture transformed into a piece of clothing? Certainly not us. This is precisely what Arsham did, demolishing the sculptures that were located inside the installation of Galerie Perrotin (where the presentation was held), and then putting them on the models. Incredible but true. The argument that fashion is art makes even more sense after seeing performances of this kind.

“Objects IV Life” was not born now, in fact, it is already in its third chapter. Since the genesis of the brand, Daniel has established the premise that this project is a uniform for the creative life, in which he fuses his monochromatic artistic universe with that of fashion and combines the two parallel worlds through an ever-evolving collection of workwear, that is designed to age beautifully.

Focusing on repurposing archetypes of workwear and adapting them into workwear for today’s creatives and makers, the approach focuses on thick cotton twill, denim jackets, and all the brand’s staples. New fabrics also make their debut, such as the thermal properties of Casentino wool, presented with a zip and fleece waistcoat, and the iconic Objects work boot, which features a metal toe cap with no lining that patinas and changes color as it ages. The basic patina concept is extended with this fabric and moleskin.

Another striking feature of the line is the bold new print on the T-shirts and hoodies, inspired by land art and outdoor art installations. It could be seen as a nod to early artistic camouflage designs.

All these garments are accompanied by accessories in the form of silk scarves and bags of different types and sizes, such as a weekender (to carry everything), a mini tote bag, and a satchel bag with an oversized version of the brand name. Added to these is a keyring, designed to be hung on the item, made from recycled Zamac alloy and inlaid with two-tone canvas or linen composite fabric, both derived from the collection.

Check out the collection below: