EL CARDENAL presents “CRETA”, its new fashion film directed by Leo Adef. The film reinterprets the classic myth in which the hero enters a journey of no return through a labyrinth in which he meets its inhabitants who will show him the way to battle with the beast. Through this video, El Cardenal presents his new collection that gives its name to the fashion film. The costumes for each character have been created especially for this piece. A delicate confection that ranges from leather to the most delicate silk.

EL CARDENAL is a conceptual Spanish brand specializing in leather goods. It was born in 2018 proposing a return to craftsmanship, creating unique objects made with dedication; embracing tradition to evolve with it. In his own atelier in Madrid, each one of the products is made with love and sometimes collaborates with other close artisans on details non-related to leather.

The aesthetic of EL CARDENAL is situated in a medieval and mythological universe, tradition and folklore; knots are drawn between apparently irreconcilable themes and disciplines and fusions can be seen between the equestrian and the romantic, the ancestral and the contemporary, the liturgical and the sadomasochistic.

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Featuring Valentin Airways, Mar Ballarín, Carlos Carvento,
Fernando Valenti, Marta Ochoa, Mori,
Perla Zúñiga, Javi Bloemen, Terese Aguado & Abigail Algaba
Directed by Leo Adef
Stying: Abigail Algaba
MUAH: Isabella Ching
Director of photography: Andy Pullido
Set design: Abigail Algaba
Set design assistant: Javi Bloemen
Styling assistant: Perla Zúñiga
Camera assistant: Marina Carasa
Sparks: Nacho Armentera, Nerea Martinez, Pedro Clemente
Music: Berenice
Editor: Pau Luzón
Color grading: Yulia Bulashenko
Graphics: Nil Fernandez
Still photo: Fernando Valenti