Since the beginning of FASHIONCLASH in 2009, Clash Project has been one of the highlights of the festival. The Clash project each year invites 10 young artists and designers to translate their work into a wearable piece for the catwalk. To the 10 participants from different art and design disciplines (all non-fashion designers), Clash project is an invitation to come out of the comfort zone, to play and to experiment. The project marks the core concept of FASHIONCLASH – ‘connecting talent, disciplines, visions and cultures through fashion’. The outcome is always refreshing, unexpected, captivating and trendsetting.

Amy Whittle – interaction designer
Aina Seerden – designer
Emma Wessel – designer
Kiki Goossen – artist
Gaétan Bobichon – product designer
Alice Schiavone – graphic designer
Giovanni Palmieri – photographer
Nina Willems – theatre performer
Mandy Roos & Victoria Ledig (shoes by Chris van den Elzen) – designers
Daniel van Hauten – film maker