In the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia, a photo project titled “Children of War” began its journey last November. Conceived by Sofia Tchkonia, Serge Kerbitskiy, and Eugene Bereznitskiy, this initiative is more than a mere exhibition; it’s a global movement set to occupy major squares around the world in June 2024.

The project, created through French artist JR‘s global art platform the Inside Out Project, aims to shed light on the impact of Russian aggression on young lives. Cities like Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, and London are gearing up to host these powerful displays, with more to join the list.

At the core of “Children of War” are the images captured by Ukrainian photographers Marina Karpiy and Sasha Mazur. Their lenses focus on the resilience, strength, and vulnerability of children touched by the turmoil of war. Each photograph tells a story, not just of the struggles faced but also of the indomitable spirit that these young souls embody.

This initiative serves as a megaphone for the voices of Ukrainian children, offering a visual narrative that speaks volumes of the emotional and physical scars left by conflict. The goal is to connect with a global audience, fostering empathy, understanding, and support for these brave children and their communities.

“Children of War” transcends its role as a photo project; it’s a clarion call for action. It urges individuals, organizations, and governments worldwide to prioritize the protection and well-being of children in conflict zones. Through the universal language of photography, the project aspires to build bridges of connection, igniting a spark for meaningful change across borders.