Wedgwood has joined forces with Alice Bastin, to embark on an extraordinary journey. Together, they have invited London-based fashion designer, Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, to lead their first-ever collaboration. Famous for his rebellious spirit and inclusive artistic vision, the designer has been granted the freedom to reimagine and revitalize Wedgwood’s artistic codes.

With his bold and unapologetic creative style, LOVERBOY has incorporated a deeply personal narrative and visual expression into Wedgwood’s new direction. Through the use of multimedia techniques, he has breathed new life into Wedgwood’s iconic ceramic pieces, infusing them with vibrant colors and abstract paint strokes. Each cherished Jasperware piece has been individually adorned in LOVERBOY’s distinctive graphic and illustrative style, creating a limited edition collection that challenges conventions and pushes boundaries.

For Charles Jeffrey, “collaborating with Wedgwood has been an incredible journey which allowed us to fuse music, art and craftsmanship into a bold and transformative experience. We not only had the opportunity to reimagine Wedgwood’s iconic jasperware but also to infuse it with our own distinctive creative voice. Upcycling pre loved Wedgwood jasperware became a medium for us to breathe new life into these cherished pieces, adding a unique touch and vibrant, expressive energy. Wedgwood’s trust and support in letting us unleash our creativity without limitations is something we deeply appreciate. This collaboration embodies the spirit of innovation and mutual collaboration, where boundaries are shattered and new narratives are crafted. We are grateful to Wedgwood for providing us with this platform to push the boundaries of art, music and design and create something truly extraordinary.”

Check out the pieces below: