Timex 80 2010 Fall/Winter Watches Preview

Timex shows off upcoming styles from the watchmakers new collection for Fall/Winter 2010.

17 JunToys


Chrono-Shredder is a time-object by Susanna Hertrich that reminds us of the volatility of the “now”. With functions similar to those of a calendar and a clock, it shreds every single day in realtime.

14 JunToys

Lomography Spinner 360°

Lomography’s Spinner 360° camera allows eight panoramas to be shot per 35mm roll, with the photos filling the whole width of the film, pushing the image right over the sprocket-holes. The pioneering camera features two aperture settings… »

11 JunToys

Apple Iphone 4

Apple announced the launch of its latest generation of iPhone, the iPhone 4. Boasting even more features than its predecessor, iPhone 4 will feature 720p HD video with iMovie editing software, a new Retina … »

9 JunToys

Opening Ceremony Umbrellas

Opening Ceremony x Guy de Jean umbrellas. Together they have created two styles, a round and a squared umbrella.

8 JunToys

Baxter of California 45th Anniversary Blade

Baxter of California is commemorating their 45th Anniversary with a limited edition cut throat razor ($345) crafted by American blade manufacturer, Hart Steel. The black on black steel blade features a 14k gold inlay “45” and will… »

7 JunToys

2010 FIFA World Cup Trophy Case by Louis Vuitton

Like all Louis Vuitton special orders, the FIFA World Cup Trophy case was made at the company’s original workshop in Asnières, which opened in 1859. The case opens at the front and at the top to allow the… »

3 JunToys


Casio releases a new collection of G-SHOCK watches for the month of June as it includes a strong focus on the G-LIDE model. A few different collaboration watches can be seen including the Surfrider… »

1 JunToys

Retrovelo frame bag

Compatible with many classic bike frames with horizontal top tubes, the original Retrovelo frame bag is the first that provides two compartments for either A4 notebooks or laptops.

24 MayToys

6dpi eyewear by Samal Design

6dpi eyewear by Samal Design.  Realized in acetate, presented futuristic eyewears have a pixelized shape and looks like to be designed by computer at the end of 80th. It reflects our age… »

20 MayToys

Squamata – Headphones with an animated skin

Squamata, designed by Jop Japenga is a prototype for an unusual pair of headphones with a dynamic skin. Much like a bird performing a mating dance, the headphones fluff their “feathers” or “scales” in reaction to… »

12 MayToys

Lulu Guinness birdcage handbag

The bird in the bag will flutter and sing and a light in the top of the bag illuminates the bird, but will also help you put on makeup using the small mirror hidden in the top. In… »

10 MayToys

Heroes: The Route of Exposure

Heroes: The Route of Exposure. by Adrian Tranquilli

4 MayToys

Still lives

“Still lives” from Kraud, a life-sized pig leather stool from german Design label Kraud (Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz).

28 AprToys

Lise Lefebvre

Lise is a French freelance designer who recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. She also created these amazing vegan-friendly rugs.

26 AprToys


Devon reinventa el reloj, que se extiende mucho más allá de los límites de la relojería tradicional. Cambia el mecanismo de visualización de la hora por un complejo sistema de cintas y números. Ha sido desarrollado junto a una firma… »

23 AprToys

Alice In Wonderland iPad App

Walt Disney Pictures have been quick to create applications that for the ever-popular iPad.  The Alice in Wonderland application is a virtual storeybook where users can manipulate the characters by moving the iPad.

The creators explain:

Tilt your iPad to make Alice… »

22 AprToys

Morphine Pillow -by Dan Golden

Morphine Pillow -by Dan Golden- says: “Someone once said laughter is the best medicine – They’re wrong, morphine is the best medicine.” I agree, absolutely…

20 AprToys

Tool Roll

Shown in the 1914 Brooks Book for Motor Cyclists, the Tool Roll is the most modern of the three designs made newly available.

15 AprToys

Kate MacDowell’s sculptures

Amazing sculptures by Kate MacDowell

12 AprToys

Holding out for a hero?

New Heroes dolls from Momiji are realeased today.  Your Heroes doll will arrive in style, tucked up in a stripy inflated bag complete with a tiny badge.

9 AprToys

GRAF by Successful Living From Diesel with Foscarini

Successful Living From Diesel has partnered with Foscarini in a series of lamps featuring shades that tell a narrative through DJ decks, pilots’ cockpits, and other patterns.

8 AprToys

AK-47 Aqua Fire

Los primeros sintomas de la primavera ya han llegado, y que mejor forma que apagar nuestros calores, que con esta fabulosa Ak-47. Yo ya se a quien voy a matar con ella…

6 AprToys


un juego de ajedrez de lujo by  Hermes

26 MarToys

RGB light

RGB Lamp. A lamp inspired by the additive color model designed by German and Swiss product designers Fabian Nehne and Martin Meier.

24 MarToys


Presso by Patrick Hunt of is an eco-friendly espresso machine that only requires the amount of energy to boil water and human force to operate the press. The product is made out of 100% recyclable aluminum.

22 MarToys

Playmobil Safe Crackers

Playmobil Safe Crackers ~ you can even set the combination on the safe lock! And there is something very Hipster Hobo about the look of these two with their stubble, striped shirts + jackets, and irremovable sunglasses…

19 MarToys

Hermès collier de chien

Make your own hermès collier de chien bracelets out of paper!!

5 MarToys

Nooka’s 2010 Zub Zirc

Amo lo nuevo de Nooka, el Zirc Zub.

4 MarToys

SONEL concept Netbook by Lovely&Co

“SONEL is a concept Netbook created by Lovely&Co for one of the leading fashion houses in Europe. Netbooks are small computers that are always connected to the internet and – at 250mm x 120mm – sit somewhere between a small laptop… »

3 MarToys
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