Keen on boys

Editorial by Nada Nadia Lotterman featuring Pascal de Wolf, Tristan Knights, Byron Valkenburg, Casper Nusseler, Tim Boot (and more) groomed by Anita Jolles, Stef Ralbovsky & Ilona de Leeuw and photographed by Shamila Photography for the… »

20 FebEditorial

Nun werden die Farben neu gemischt

Andrej Pejic photographed by Juergen Teller for Zeit Magazine.

20 FebEditorial

Trailer Trash

Michael Basquette photographed by Sean Kilkenny and styled by Sean and Brandon Wilson for the February 2011 issue of U+Mag.

18 FebEditorial


Baptiste Faure, Henry Hatherley and Pavel Baranov photographed by David Slijper for the latest issue of Bon Magazine.

18 FebEditorial

Fashion Victims

The March 2011 issue of Wallpaper* present us an editorial about brand obsession photographed by Matthias Vriens-McGrath and styled by Susan Winget.

17 FebEditorial

Wonderland Magazine #26

David Armstrong photographs Keith Hernandez for the cover story of the February/March issue of Wonderland magazine.

17 FebEditorial. Magazines


Ash Stymest, Francisco Lachowski, Jon Kortajarena, Mark Cox, Marcel Castenmiller, Nils Butler, Simon Nessman, Sebastian Sauve, Vladimir Imanov, photographed by Saverio Cardia for Slurp magazine.

16 FebEditorial

Where should i begin? When my love is clandestine.

Tom Warren photographed by the LaRoache Brothers and styled by Darren Knight for the last issue of UK-based magazine Glass.

16 FebEditorial


Bastiaan Van Galen (@VIVA models) styled by Hannes Hetta and photographed by Karim Sadli for i-D Magazine.

15 FebEditorial

Nude Men in Couture Hats

Carter C., Oren and Ryan, Nick Lacy and Cody Saintgnue photographed by Giuliano Bekor.

15 FebEditorial


Gen Huisman groomed by Anita Jolles and shot by Dale Grant for the Spring 2011 issue of  >bmm.

14 FebEditorial

Working Class

Tom Lander photographed by Nik Hartley and styled by Hugo Lanvín for the current issue of Varon Magazine.

12 FebEditorial


Nacym J. Saroub shot by Lara Gilberto and styled by Marta Sara Crescimanno for HUSK magazine, reflecting the man in the urban environment.

9 FebEditorial

The Boy Maharajah

River Viiperi photographed by Ram Shergill with styling & creative direction by Kabir for the 5th issue of Drama magazine.

9 FebEditorial

WARRIOR – A Real American Hero

Christopher Wetmore is photographed by Hedi Slimane and styled by Melanie Ward for VMAN’s new issue.

9 FebEditorial

Cuneyt Akeroglu for Wonderland

Cover boy Jamie Dornan photographed by Cuneyt Akeroglu and styled by Grace Cobb for the latest issue of Wonderland magazine.

8 FebEditorial

The choice of a new generation

Baptiste Giabiconi groomed by Laurent Philippon & Serge Hodonou and shot by Bojana Tatarska for the current issue of Dansk magazine.

8 FebEditorial

River Viiperi: Big Love

River Viiperi photographed by Ian Cole for the issue #4 Supplementaire.

7 FebEditorial

Dark Boy

Petar is photographed by Vasil Germanov (thinktanklab) and Styling by Garderob in ‘Dark Boy’ from GIA magazine last issue.

7 FebEditorial

A view on Levi’s Collection

Louis Simonon photographed by Olaf Wipperfürth and styled by Armelle Leturcq for the December/January 2011 issue of L’Officiel Hommes.

4 FebEditorial

White Magic

Here is the great cover story for VnFold featuring Stephan Harholm @VNY photographed by Kristiina Wilson and styled by Takayuki Sekiya.

4 FebEditorial

The Iconic Jean and T

Alex Goldson, Janis Vilumos, Jules Hamilton, Paul Boche, Randy Lebeau and Shane Gambill photographed by Herring & Herring and styled by Courtney Kivela Craig for the issue #22 of Kurv magazine.

4 FebEditorial


Sebastian Sauve photographed by Kevin Amato and styled by Long Nguyen for the issue #113 of Flaunt.

2 FebEditorial


“Gymnasium” is an editorial photographed by Kacper Kasprzyk and styled by Tom Van Dorpe for the 21th issue of VMAN – “The Thrill of the Game Issue.”

2 FebEditorial


Oleg Antosik @VNY Model Management photographed by Kristiina Wilson and styled by Katie Burnett for The Ones 2 Watch.

1 FebEditorial


Aiden Andrews photographed by Ryan Michael Kelly and styled by Shala Rothenberg for the issue #10 of OWN magazine.

31 JanEditorial


David Agbodji as a photographer/stylist/model, for the January/February 2011 issue of WAD magazine.

31 JanEditorial


Filip Jankowski photographed by Lukasz Zietek and styled by Magda Bryk for The Ones 2 Watch.

30 JanEditorial


Sebastian Sauve photographed by Ivan Muselli and styled by Matteo Greco for HUSK.

30 JanEditorial

Game On

Alejandro R., Bradley Stainton, Isaac Weber, Michael Wozniak, Nico Krull and Simon Nessman photographed by Terry Tsiolis and styled by Jay Massacret for the upcoming issue of VMAN.

29 JanEditorial
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It was clear from the beginning that it was something to celebrate and nothing makes us feel like celebrating like dancing.

Dominic Fike wearing Calvin Klein captured by Gunner Stahl and styled by Nicks Holiday

Omar Ayuso wearing Givenchy & Ray-Ban Stories sunglasses captured by Jesús Leonardo and styled by Juan Camilo Rodriguez.

10th Anniversary issue #20