We11done Spring/Summer 2024

In a tribute to the visionary artist Do Ho Suh, known for his transformative memorials, the collection draws inspiration from his architectural creations, creating a unique fusion of sculpture and clothing.

A.Potts Spring/Summer 2024

A.Potts unveiled its Spring/Summer 2024 collection at New York Men’s Day, and it’s all about celebrating the harmonious fusion of nature and the urban jungle.

New York Men’s Day SS24 Backstage!

Photographer Jack Buster takes us backstage at 20th edition of New York Men’s Day (NYMD), presented by HILLDUN in this exclusive for Fucking Young!

Pièces Uniques Spring/Summer 2023

Edmond Luu, the creative force behind PIÈCES UNIQUES, has embarked on a unique voyage, drawing inspiration from a place close to his heart – the world of school uniforms.

SHOOP Spring/Summer 2024

Discover SHOOP’s SS24 collection, a tale that unfolds against the backdrop of Tokyo, resonating with recognition and impressions that travel 10,000 kilometers from the vibrant streets of Japan to the bustling city of Madrid.

J.LINDEBERG Spring/Summer 2024

J.LINDEBERG’s SS24 collection navigates a dynamic terrain, effortlessly switching between avant-garde designs, athletic attire, and hybrid aesthetics.

Joan&Biel Team Up With Pull&Bear To Enjoy Their Summer Holidays

The duo of creative entrepreneurs choose the young Inditex brand to return to Ibiza, their favorite refuge and source of inspiration.

21 JulCampaigns. Spring/Summer

LEBLANCSTUDIOS Spring/Summer 2024

Drawing inspiration from Latin American cinema of the 80s and 90s, Yamil’s work delves into the representation of marginalized masculinity in the dynamic regions of Latin America and the Caribbean.


Edward Cuming Spring/Summer 2024

Edward Cuming’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a testament to the art of reinvention, where intuitive choices and daring leaps take the spotlight.

“Nothing to Lose”: LỰU ĐẠN SS24

Drawing inspiration from Japan’s tobi trousers, traditionally worn by construction workers, the LỰU ĐẠN man embodies a clash of cultures.

Hélas Summer 2023

Hélas welcomes the sunny days with open arms through their latest collection, capturing the essence of the sea, sun, and the vibrant spirit of the South of France.

_J.L-A.L_ Spring/Summer 2024

This collection embraces duality, focusing on purposeful design rather than conforming to traditional forms.

Nicholas Daley Spring/Summer 2024

Nicholas Daley reveals the next episode in an ever-evolving tale delving into the profound influence of roots reggae on the Afro-Caribbean community in the UK.

Romain Kremer Sport Spring/Summer Couture 2024

Romain Kremer has returned to his origins, creating a unique and intimate collection that he affectionately dubs ‘Sport Couture’.

RIER Spring 2024

As Spring 2024 awakens, RIER embraces the alpine celebrations that bid farewell to winter’s icy grip.

st NIAN Spring/Summer 2024

st NIAN unveiled its Spring/Summer 2024 collection during Paris Haute Couture Week.


GR10K Spring/Summer 2024

GR10K embarked on crafting a solid foundation – an articulation of boundaries and styles that fostered and propelled creativity organically, without force-feeding it.


Mordecai Spring/Summer 2024

Mordecai makes its debut between Men’s Fashion Week and Haute Couture with a transversal SS24 collection shot by Berlin-based photographer Vitali Gelwich.

ATXI SS24 Backstage!

Take a look at ATXI Spring/Summer 2024 backstage captured by the lens of Louise Reinke during Paris Fashion Week, in exclusive for Fucking Young!

Gunther Spring/Summer 2024

For the Spring/Summer 2024 season, Naomi Gunther presents a Californian road trip.

C.R.E.O.L.E. Spring/Summer 2024

The SS24 collection boldly defies traditional conventions, cleverly infusing elements of workwear and thoughtfully dismantling societal hierarchies.

GERRIT JACOB Spring/Summer 2024

Berlin-based German designer and illustrator GERRIT JACOB unveils his Spring/Summer 2024 collection entitled “The Traitor”.

Members of the Rage Spring/Summer 2024

Crafted in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles and meticulously brought to life in the ateliers of Italy, this collection embodies a harmonious fusion of vintage 90s grunge and a cutting-edge hip-hop vibe.

JAN-JAN VAN ESSCHE Spring/Summer 2024

“Prana” is a dynamic collection of innovative designs, curated to stimulate the individual mind and explore unconventional paths to progress. Meticulously crafted garments create a seamless harmony, adapting to present and future challenges. Embracing subtlety, modernity, and elegance, this collection… »

BURBERRY Spring 2024

British fashion house Burberry unveils its Spring 2024 collection designed by its current creative director, Daniel Lee.

Lagos Space Program Presentation

Take a look at the Lagos Space Program presentation captured by the lens of Renaud Labelle, during Paris Fashion Week, in exclusive for Fucking Young!


Honor The Gift Spring 2024

Experience the timeless essence of Honor The Gift’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, which draws inspiration from the vibrant era of the 70s. 

JUUN.J SS24 Backstage!

Take a look at JUUN.J Spring/Summer 2024 backstage, captured by the lens of Jingxiong Qiao during Paris Fashion Week, in exclusive for Fucking Young!


KIDSUPER SS24 Backstage!

Take a look at KIDSUPER Spring/Summer 2024 backstage, captured by the lens of Tiago Pestana during Paris Fashion Week, in exclusive for Fucking Young!


VETEMENTS Spring/Summer 2024

The fashion house VETEMENTS, creatively directed by Guram Gvasalia, unveils its Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

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