“It is not 1979,” said Carlos Campos at the end of his program, the Honduran designer whose penchant for optimism and rich color palettes always equates beautiful tailoring and proud Latin heritage. Models walked by in pale sienna fine twill trenches and navy striped cotton trousers; yellow suits and Reebok runners. “It is Spring/Summer 2019,” the program concluded. The sun bouncing off backs to upbeat tempos. You could literally feel the warmth in an Amarillo yellow summer wool sports jacket. And the cool, those “Carlos Campos” woven logo tees were street style candy. Blatant Coca-Cola typography be damned.

Yet while the clothes were cool, Campos has never been aboard the trend train. Elegance is his game. But it’s never stuffy. Modern geometric cuts and playful pattern combinations are what make Campos a standout. And Campos’ man remains the same, metrosexual, proud and light-hearted. While we’ve never spoken, I imagine it’s not such a stretch from the designer himself. “Algo de mi” he titled this collection. “Something from me.”

The finale walk came. The sun seemed to stretch out its arms, wrapping its rays around the catwalk. I held up my phone. Cardi B’s backup singers sang in harmony over speakers, “I like it like that!”