Ok. First things first. Something really awkward must have happened backstage for those models to walk the way they did at Calvin Klein’s Collection SS13 show. Please watch the video. It’s like their coming of age from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens Sapiens hasn’t quite settled yet. Either way, I’m worried. I see no point in wearing supposedly-exquisite clothes if you can’t walk in them. Now for the collection: some heterosexual males will most surely express their concern over having to wear reinvented Hawaiian prints with short-shorts to the next Summer’s Rome getaway – yet after all, chances are one might still blend with the white-trash crowd if choosing to don sandals and socks as suggested above. But watch out: this is a trend now. Tout ensemble, besides the occasional structured sweater built with technical fabric, Calvin Klein’s proposal was all beigy and unsurprising. And the music – reminiscent of Streets of Rage – could work as a sad metaphor for what we’ve seen on Italo Zucchelli’s runway. Arcade games? You decide.