Celebrating Call Me Gorgeous‘s second anniversary, the brainchild of Luís Borges opening its inaugural physical haven in Lisbon.

Enveloped in a seamless tapestry of Klein blue, the Call Me Gorgeous boutique, nestled in the iconic enclave of Lapa, aims to transport visitors into the eccentric world of the brand. A vibrant eruption of color that leaves none untouched.

I wanted to celebrate the 2 years of Call Me Gorgeous in a surprising way. In fact, we’ve been working on this project for some time now, but it only made sense to launch the novelty today, on the brand’s anniversary.” – Luís Borges, the creative mind and founder of Call Me Gorgeous.

The establishment of a physical place was always integral to the growth strategy, but Luís Borges did not want to give his brand a home without having everything ready in detail. From the cerulean floor to the welcome carpet for patrons, and the neon luminescence gracing the entrance, down to the disco balls casting prismatic playfulness to every nook – serendipity played no part; every facet was purposefully curated.

The plans for Call Me Gorgeous are for it to grow and, for an accessories brand, it is essential to have a physical space so that our customers, friends and ambassadors can get to know the products and experience the brand even more. This store, in every detail, reflects everything that the Call Me Gorgeous universe is, an explosion of color full of personality.” – Luís Borges.

The newfound haven occupies the 8th nook within the LAPA 71 gallery, sharing company with fellow Portuguese brands. A space imbued with national inspiration and triumph, a realm now embraced by Call Me Gorgeous.

Within the boutique, not only will patrons encounter the brand’s best-selling treasures, but they’ll also find the freshly launched BIG BANG collection, unveiled on the 29th of July. August will witness a gentle commencement, paving the way for a grand inauguration soirée in September, attended by the ambassadors and friends of Call Me Gorgeous.

All those who champion the brand are invited to explore the boutique, beckoning them from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 10 AM and 7 PM, at 71C R. Garcia de Orta in Lapa, Lisbon.