Buffalo‘s Source label is cranking up the cool factor with its latest collab, teaming up with Berlin’s Herrensauna to drop a fresh line of kicks that’s about to redefine your club gear.

Launched back in 2022, Source is all about blending Buffalo’s legacy with a futuristic spin on underground culture. Their hookup with Herrensauna, the brainchild of Cem Dukkha and Nicolas Endlicher (MCMLXXXV), takes Buffalo’s signature style and tosses it into the experimental blender of avant-garde aesthetics. The goal? Amp up the brand’s ties to the techno scene, breaking new ground with every step.

Herrensauna, born in 2015 and nurtured by the minds of Dukkha and Endlicher, has evolved from a cozy gathering to Berlin’s go-to techno pilgrimage. Think punk, sweaty, and queer-friendly vibes that’ve cultivated a fanbase hooked on raw, industrial beats. It’s a scene where both local up-and-comers and global heavyweights drop experimental sounds.

The Source-Herrensauna shoe line mirrors the grit and ecstasy of a night dripping with sweat on the dance floor. Picture this: The Herrensauna Creep, a Buffalo derby revamp with the Classic sole, a detachable harness, and a vibe that seamlessly transitions from dinner to club. Then there’s the Herrensauna Trakker, a reimagined Buffalo hiking boot with the Classic sole, boasting a metal etching of the Herrensauna logo. And for the rebels, the Herrensauna Mud Trakker rocks a dirt-like texture, tipping its hat to those off-site illegal raves. The moody campaign? Berlin’s Taboo agency, photographer Thyago Sainte, and stylist Aoife Adole Akue bring it to life.

Check it out below:


Whether you’re rocking threads or embracing the “less is more” ethos at the club, these kicks got you covered from the first beat to the early dawn. Clothes might be optional at Herrensauna, but Buffalos? Definitely not.

To kick off the shoe game, Herrensauna and Source are throwing down in London on November 30th. Expect their signature soundscape to set the vibe. And mark your calendars because these kicks hit online and in-store on December 1st via Buffalo Source, Herrensauna, and LNCC.