We are all pushed to the brink at times. Monotonous days, with no end in sight. A dark winter spent isolated from loved ones. Glued to screens whilst peeking outside our windows for even the slightest glimmer of hope. As the world turns, over here, in Europe, we embrace the spring with some much-needed light flooding in, it washed away all sins, all the bleakness. Things will change, it is immanent. But in all this, we must find ways to sartorially mark the un-inspirational year we have had.
Yes, God knows, it was a doozy.

So what about this to kickstart your week: the gentlemen of Sort, an on-point London creative collective got together with Richard Söderberg, no stranger to these pages, for some (post)apocalypse interaction. Enlisting the help of friendly artists, creators, protagonists, and rebels, they curated a commentary on the massive monster that lockdown has become. The resulting video mimics the industrial punk rebellion propagated by Richard, blending with the new realities, that have devastated real social interaction and transported it into a dreary digital maze.

Let us salute these powerful visuals that embody something we all know and have sensed this past year. Because when at the brink, we claw back, always will! Call it a document of our times, as things are slowly getting better, at least we like to think so, this video serves as a powerful reminder of what has been.

Forget the sadness. Loose yourself, if only for a moment. Be present. Be Fucking Young!

A film by SORT @sortzine
Directed by Joseph Delaney and Matt King @d0_0m @iammattking
Clothing by SÖDERBERG @soderbergofficial
Music by Synergy 43
Words by Lucy Swan @lcyswn
Narration by Begum Yetis @begumyetis