Water, water, and more water. What would we do without this precious commodity? Absolutely nothing. Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter will agree with us on this, as once again this element has become the main protagonist of their Spring/Summer 23 proposal for Botter, as well as the source of inspiration.

Nature and everything related to it is something that, with the passage of time and after much work to raise awareness among fashion companies and the public, has finally been treated with the affection and respect it deserves. The future of fashion is designed in collaboration with it, where thanks to designers like Lisi and Rushemy it is easier to approach a truly sustainable world.

For this collection, they both wanted to explore the idea of bringing water to the catwalk, either by turning it into something edible (made in collaboration with Notpla) or in the form of an accessory, such as the types of gloves/mittens worn by the models on the catwalk, made from condoms and filled, of course, with water. These gloves peeked out from under the sleeves of the reimagined tailoring, perfectly made and cut with heart-shaped slits that reflected the tremendous love that the Botter team has for fashion and the sea. The slits were something we saw a lot of in the line, whether it was in the chest or shoulder area.

Once again, sea and dive wear intermingled with streetwear to create street-perfect looks including t-shirts, vinyl trousers, or denim with rhinestone appliqués. The shoes made in collaboration with Adidas give the sensation of floating as you move, like a wave.

“This is the moment to go all in, to believe in inventions and push forward”, said Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter.

Take a look at the collection below: