Paris, the city of lights, fashion, and art, is welcoming a new addition to its vibrant scene: b o t h, the independent footwear brand that is making waves with its innovative and sustainable designs. b o t h, which stands for Beyond Ordinary Things Happening, is launching its SS24 collection and opening its first European store in the trendy Marais district, at 6 rue de la Corderie.

To celebrate its debut in Paris, b o t h has teamed up with Atelier Craft, a Parisian interior design house, to create a concept store that reflects the brand’s experimental and contrasting approach. The store features a window installation of GAO high boots, one of the brand’s iconic models, caged in wire baskets and dripping with liquid rubber in b o t h’s signature oxi-green color. The installation showcases the natural rubber dipping process, which varies the level of coating from the sole to the whole boot.

Inside the store, customers can discover the SS24 collection, which includes a range of sneakers, boots, sandals, and accessories, all made with rubber and upcycled plastic. The shoes are displayed on modular units made of wire baskets and rubber, creating a contrast between liquid and solid, soft and hard, organic and industrial. The store also features custom-made seating benches and displaying plinths, created by Sixinch, a Belgian furniture brand. The benches and plinths are made of folded industrial foam, coated with a textured finish, to echo the rubber material used in the store and the shoes.

b o t h is more than just a footwear brand, it is a movement that challenges the norms and pushes the boundaries of design and sustainability.