In my imagination, I have dared to cross the Pacific Ocean on a vinta boat. The colorful, festive sails carry me on a bold adventure, from the archipelagos of the Philippines to the United States. My Fall-Winter 22 collection began with the dream to connect my cultures; to celebrate and share them; to translate their character and their craft. My hope is that these vibrant creations find their way into the wider world, the wondrous blue marble that is our home.” – Anthony Alvarez

The imaginary escapade that sparked this collection assumes an array of eclectic, stylistic expressions. True to the BLUEMARBLE approach, everyday looks merge inspirations, materials, proportions and moods. They assert youthful flamboyance through sportswear shapes and embellished details. They are relaxed hybrids developed with artisanal techniques. They channel the vibe of New York, honor Parisian workmanship and exude Filipino warmth.