OUR LEGACY’s Spring Summer 2025 collection, “BLOOD KNOT,” draws its inspiration from a simple fishing village where life is dictated by the sun and sea. The collection’s presentation blurs the boundaries between outside and inside, with reflections on glass adding depth to the view.

The collection reimagines fishing nets into stylish knitwear and crochet, while jewellery pieces look like they’re made from beachcombing finds—bottle caps, seashells, and bits of fishing gear turned into silver accessories.

Colors of the collection mimic a seaside morning with soft blues, greens, and hints of rust. Darker tones in some items suggest the staining effects of salt water on different materials. Denim is dyed to resemble sea grass, prints evoke old holiday postcards, and jerseys have a crinkled look like wet clothes left to dry.

The idea for this season came from photos of boat engines wrapped in various fabrics and strings. These images inspired Cristopher Nying to create a collection that captures the essence of a tight-knit community using what’s available to them in beautiful, unexpected ways.

Check it out below: