Beyond Remade celebrates the best of our past, to give fashion a future. By reimagining timeless vintage classics, they create sustainable life wear that can be a staple in your wardrobe. Upcycled from second-hand garments, each piece is completely unique. Everything is made from single fibres to ensure not just a sustainable wardrobe, but a circular wardrobe. Sustainability is more than just a buzzword, it’s our foundation. With a genuine passion for the potential of used clothing, each piece is made of 100% preloved textiles, making a positive impact on our planet. They don’t follow the trends, and they certainly don’t play into fads. They’re on a journey to create upcycled pieces that you’ll love for a lifetime.

From the creative minds behind the vintage empire, Beyond Retro, they’ve tapped into moments in British and Swedish fashion history for their first collection. Utilizing their experience in sustainable innovation, they’ve homed in on a shared love of nature, and appreciation of outdoor lifestyle. Designed for functionality as well as fashion, each piece is a creative exploration into the possibilities of reuse. So how do they source our product? In the same way they source products for Beyond Retro, garments that have not reached their expiry date, that have made their way through the regular thrift and are now destined for third world markets, fiber or landfill, BVH, their parent company, is here with a purpose to develop Innovative and Relevant Solutions for the Crisis of Stuff.

Started in the early ’90s by Steven Bethell and Helene Carter-Bethell in the basement of their home to help provide a service to the Salvation Army, BVH has grown to become a unique player in the second-hand goods market globally – combining incredible knowledge and experience in wholesale, retail, circular design, recycling, upcycling and manufacturing and providing creative ideas and solutions to help deal with the overwhelming amount of “stuff” that we all consume. They want to play a meaningful role in defining, contributing to and building a closed loop economy. Beyond Remade showcases its design and manufacturing capabilities bringing beautiful thoughtful finishing touches on helping bring new life to old things – closing the loop. Crafted from reclaimed denim and suede, their new line aligns their passion for original practical design with mounting concern for declining global resources.