Berhasm is a fashion, arts and music collective founded by a Georgian-Russian designer Beso Turazashvili and based in Moscow, Russia.

It was founded in 2018 as a digital club where the street market trash meets techno. “Berhasm is a place where fashion, modern underground art, and music merge in ecstasy together since none of them can exist without another.” – said the designer

The creators get their inspiration from the childhood spent in territories occupied by the Soviet Union: all the way from Siberia to East Berlin. Suppression of rights, expression, and love transformed into the vibrant Berhasm movement which stands no censorship. Berhasm is crude, outright and loud.

The brand is aiming to show the real life of real people from not the most liberal regions of our world and support all types of minorities. That’s where the brand gets its energy – from people who are bold and live a life they want no matter what.

Berhasm launched its SS19 collection during PFW on September 29th with a big techno party and performances at the famous sex club Le Depot.