Fashion is all about change, just like a city that’s always on the move. BALLETSHOFER‘s new collection ditches the frills for a down-to-earth look inspired by the city experience.

Picture this: you just moved to a new city. Everything is fresh, from the streets to the subways. You learn the ropes, figuring out what to wear where. That wide-eyed feeling sticks with you, but as you settle in, you start seeing things differently. Balletshofer’s clothes capture that changing perspective.

The collection features a revamped classic: the boat shoe. They teamed up with Timberland to give it a modern twist, with different designs showcased on the runway. Classic tailoring gets a makeover too, with a new, flexible silhouette that includes a cool leather toe cap and a layered upper. This adaptable design can keep up with your ever-changing wardrobe, just like your relationship with the city changes over time.

Check out below the collection presented during Berlin Fashion Week: