You know that feeling. Driving down a deserted road, at night, maybe with the moon shining down from the sky. And suddenly, a deer with glowing eyes staring straight at you, in the middle of the asphalt. For a few seconds a transcendental, almost mystical moment occurs, a connection between you and the animal. Both of you can react: one can run away, the other can slow down, and the opposite, stay still or accelerate. The outcome is known only to fate, but the uneasiness, restlessness and anguish will remain no matter what happens. These sensations seem to be hidden in the new song by the Madrid artist Bajocero. In “El Ciervo”, the first preview of Bajocerox‘s new album, we find an electro pop ballad that is intense, nocturnal, and irremediably sexy, traits that define this young singer without hesitation. A long and dark journey into the night seems to be what the artist has prepared for the coming months, the destination? Only Bajocero knows for now, but we are sure that the trip will be worth it.

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