Oh baby baby baby revolution
dici che mi ami ma com’è che ti chiami?
Baby baby revolution
Dici che ci stai e poi già te ne vai” – Gianluca Grignani, singer-songwriter


During the 90s Gianluca Grignani was the idol of the teenagers and his Baby Revolution represented a change in the Italian music-genre, a revolution that winked at American grunge. Today, teens are watching Baby on Netflix. The TV series is a social phenomenon, in its own way a pre-recorded revolution broadcast on the most revolutionary cine-platform of the new Millennium. Riccardo Mandolini is one of the protagonists and Damiano Younes is the character he plays: a rebel with a gentle soul. Riccardo is kind also.
Born in 2000, our boy is a proud representative of the Z generation. Son of the actress Nadia Rinaldi, Riccardo breathed the air of cinema since his young age.
With a big smile and an iron will, the actor is one of the emerging talents to keep an eye on and will be soon in all the cinemas with the film Bentoranto papà by Domenico Fortunato.

We met him in Rome on set of the exclusive editorial for Fucking Young! and that’s what he told us.

Hello Riccardo! How and when did your passion for acting start?

My passion for acting born when I was 12, I immediately became interested in the cinema world, I always thought it was my only way, never thinking about other jobs.

If you hadn’t become an actor what would you have wanted to be?

I’ve always wanted to be an actor.

Your mother Nadia Rinaldi is also a famous actress in Italy. Has she hindered or encouraged your path?

My mom has always encouraged me and continues to support my choices.

The character of Damiano in the Netflix series Baby is the one that gave you notoriety. How would you describe that experience?

It was a wonderful experience that I will carry in my heart along with all the people who have worked with me. I owe a lot to Baby.

How much do you feel linked to Damiano and how much of you is in this character?

Certainly, some traits of Damiano belong to me, even if in some ways he’s totally different from me. It is part of an experience that inevitably makes me feel connected to him and that will remain on my skin, on my soul.

You have just ended shooting Bentornato papà with the direction of Domenico Fortunato. Do you want to tell us something more about the movie?

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about this new project, it’s still top secret. I can only say that we have recently ended shooting and that it is a debut film.

What does cinema represent for you and what is cinema today?

For me, cinema is pure art, it allows me to let myself go and to dream.
I am very sorry about the measures adopted in this period with regard to cinemas and theaters, and art because culture is a primary common good and dreaming is a right for each of us.

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