The William Morris Gallery is excited to announce the first extensive exhibition of fashion designer Ashish Gupta. Titled “Ashish: Fall in Love and Be More Tender,” the show will present over 60 designs created by Ashish’s fashion label based in London over the past 20 years.

Known for his maximalist design, painstaking craftsmanship, and glamorous approach to fashion, Ashish is a pioneering voice in the industry whose work challenges stereotypes and promotes equitable representation. The exhibition will explore Ashish’s use of bold, joyful colors and hand-embroidered sequins and beads, and how his designs play a role in promoting optimism and inclusion.

The exhibition will be divided into three sections, with the first showcasing Ashish’s signature use of color and sequins and his long-standing commitment to inclusion and representation. The second section will highlight the role of fashion as a form of self-expression and Ashish’s use of fashion for social and political engagement. The third section will present a series of looks showcasing Ashish’s intricate hand embroidery and beading techniques. The exhibition will explore Ashish’s childhood influences, such as Indian cinema and cultural icons, and will also feature some of his most iconic designs worn by global celebrities.

Take a look at some images below:


The exhibition will be on view until Sunday 10 September 2023. Gallery
opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday, 10am – 5pm; Admission free (suggested £5 donation).

William Morris Gallery,
Forest Road London
E17 4PP