Russian menswear designer Artem Shumov released the new spring-summer 2020 lookbook, shot in film at the abandoned fishing village Houtouwan in China, featuring Rassel at Elimod captured by Alyona Kuzmina.

The designer returns to minimalism and creates a collection, which combines natural fabrics with modern technology. Wrinkle-resistant linen suits, t-shirts and shorts made from reaped silk do not require steaming and ironing and last much longer. It not only makes an owner’s life easier but also cuts down on electricity usage.

Artem shares his inspiration behind the collection: “Over the past year I have been studying different techniques of fabric manipulation, so I wanted to create something natural, but very advanced at the same time. Our life is oversaturated with unnecessary things, the world is on the verge of ecological disaster. Things are tough and it is not just on the global level, but in our everyday life as well. I see, how the wardrobes are far beyond full, how a life cycle of clothes items is getting shorter and shorter, so I started thinking of what I can do to help as a clothes designer”.

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