There is no concept for this collection. It’s simply a fragment of the life we’ve lived, where the passions of our past reign. Multi-colored dots in the snow are photographs from different countries. And they are the thoughts about different people and their faiths, which though varied, still unite them. There might be disconnections in their understanding of good and evil, in their concept of sin, and of how to escape it. But there is still the search for an immaculate ray of truth in this constant stream of chaos” – Anton Belinskiy.

Kyiv-based designer Anton Belinskiy unveiled its Fall/Winter 2021 collection inspired by the current times.


Creative Director: Anton Belinskiy
Styling: Anton Belinskiy and Yana Martynova
Styling assistant: Christina Prokopchuk, Alexandra Piskun, Mariia Pruss, Khrystyna Tsar
Director: Anastasia Babenko
Director of photography: Bogdan Borysenko
Cameraman: Bogdan Rozumnyi
Editor: Bogdan Rozumnyi
Production: Dima Matveev and Mila Devich
Production assistant: Alex Fynn
Casting: Maria Nikishyna
Key MUA: Olha Ostapchuk
Beauty team: Yevgeniya Kozlova, Sasha Vetrova and Kateryna Petryshyna
Key Hairstylist: Anastasiia Tymoshchuk
Hair team: Mariia Kozachenko and Mariia Lastovetska
Soundtrack: Nastya Vogan
Prints: Sergii Kushchenko and Daniil Kotliar
Special thanks to Sergii Kushchenko,Luca Maison and Cat-b agency