Since Olivier Rousteign arrived at the French fashion house Balmain, it has been characterised by its contemporary but at the same time avant-garde creations, especially in the last few seasons.

Although some fashion houses use all their creativity in clothing and forget about accessories and footwear, this does not happen in the luxury brand directed by Olivier, and proof of this is the “Unicorn” sneakers, which have become an emblematic item of the Maison. So it’s time to celebrate and honor them. How? Reimagining them by none other than the American artist Ant Kai, famous for his personalized footwear.

This limited edition pair, available now to buy at BALMAIN’s Atlanta boutique and on its website, is striking for its sky-blue dyeing and cloud print.

Want to get your hands on the new version of Balmain’s “Unicorn” sneakers reimagined by Ant Kai and you’re not in the USA? Then click here.