Inspired by a rider’s gestures and the scooter’s engineered design, this collection by Angus Chiang integrates contoured lines with geometric spliced shapes: a collage of textures designed to reflect movement and speed. Slick paint job colours run through bright safety yellow and stop-sign red to violet, grass green and black to highlight graphic knitwear, heavy windbreakers, and padded biker jacket shapes, whilst frayed denim separates feature contrast yarns for a two-tone effect. Developed in collaboration with Mackent Fabrics, an ecological mesh textile creates a sculptural fit, whilst lurex elements echo the scooter’s metallic sheen. Coinciding with the 35th anniversary of the Nike Air Force One, ANGUS CHIANG has customised the iconic high-top with inflatable insole details, fusing it with the brand’s signature MIKI boot. A new hand knitted cross-weaving technique elevates the MIKI’s knitted structure with a unique 3D surface structure.

Photos by Marc Medina in exclusive for Fucking Young!