Angelos Frentzos is taking us on a journey with the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, fueled by the vibes of departures and the airport hustle. This co-ed lineup dives into the world of passport photo booths, throwing in bold stripes and captivating prints that scream graphic coolness.

The collection doesn’t play by the rules, blending casual classics with modern fabrics. Picture this: “crashed effect” tailoring that hits you with dynamism. And it’s not just about the casual vibe – there’s some serious ceremonial tailoring inspired by the tuxedo, bringing in sophistication and elegance.

Jelly fabrics step into the scene, creating a snug structure that layers up with pleats and drapes. It’s like a fashion rescue mission as hardware details get a golden makeover, cranking up the design game.

The collection throws in a mix of narrow silhouettes with a millennial twist, standing tall against jumbo-sized forms. Y2K is back in the limelight, shouting out layering and anti-luxury accessories. It’s a celebration of innovation, style, and a straight-up departure from the usual.

Check out the collection below captured by Bill Georgoussis: