Analog Human Studies is an ongoing project showcasing two decades of Slava Mogutin‘s film photography. The project features a wide range of Mogutin’s work, from the outtakes of his first monograph, Lost Boys (2006), to his most recent editorial and commissioned portraits and nudes taken across several cities including New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, London, and Madrid.

The book features a diverse array of artists and personalities, including Maxima Cortina, Cassils, Christeene, Sophia Lamar, Brooke Candy, Kyle England, Boy Radio, Brian Kenny, Matthieu Charneau, Nick Theobald, Ron Athey, Dominic Johnson, Durk Dehner, Florian Hetz, Sean Ford, Andreja Pejić, Luke Abby, Jonah Almost, Isaac Powell, Nile Harris, German Lavrovsky, Jesse Thompson, Fernando Casablancas, and Pierre et Gilles. The book also includes hand-written poems and text pieces.

According to the author, the genre of the book is “visual poetry, both intimate and universal.

Take a look at some images below:


The book is available HERE!