Alan Crocetti and PornHub have joined forces to unmask quotidian expressions of sexuality and sensuality. Through the Alan Crocetti and PornHub Chastity Line, these two platforms aim to not only destigmatize but also celebrate passions and desires.

#NOSHAMEINDESIRE PornHub Chastity necklace is made in 925 sterling silver, mixed color, 18K gold plate, and rhodium plate, in two different variations. Each necklace has a serie number, Alan Crocetti logo engrave on the cock, and the cage embellished with the PornHub logo.

The campaign dwells in sexuality as part of our routine, inbuilt in our most basic states of being and actions. Sex is also derived from romance and poetry. With this mindset, Alan Crocetti has worked alongside interdisciplinary photographer Miguel Flor to capture the eroticism of our everyday life.

In Crocetti’s own words, ‘Deep Fantasy’ is an extension of the *ID’s Supernova acid trip. It dives into people’s vivid mental experiences and reimaging of realities. It invites the dislocation of one’s subjectivity and accepting multiple selves who dare to escape and explore radical and fantastic possibilities’.

Take a look at the campaign below: