Taking advantage of spring’s arrival and the first rays of sunshine, Priya Ahluwalia, founder and creative director of her eponymous brand, and Ace & Tate have unveiled their first collaboration together, a Spring/Summer 2024 sunglasses collection inspired by the designer’s line presented in London last September during fashion week.

“Acknowledgements” is the name of the proposal referred to and which this new launch joins to complement it, as well as to pay homage to the artists of the diaspora who unfortunately have not been recognised.

Some of the prints that Priya employed in the garments captivated the Ace & Tate team, hence they wanted to incorporate them in their models, such as Mirko and Niku. The union of both factors proved to be successful, but both parties felt that the items were missing something, so they added the Ahluwalia logo, as it is written, or just the first letter in capital letters.

Going deeper into the models, Mirko is characterised by its classic and discreet style, and above all for being made in tortoiseshell, in contrast with the blue colour of the lenses; while Niku is more aimed at those who like to take risks, partly because of the rectangular silhouette, the leaf print, and the Aurat and Valaida motifs. Finally, at the beginning it was mentioned that they wanted to pay tribute to some artists who are not recognized, well, that moment has arrived and it is done through the third glasses that make up the capsule, notable for its angular shape and pink colour. The tribute is to the Algerian artist Baya Mahieddine.

Considering buying a pair of sunglasses? If so, here are three great options from Ahluwalia and Ace & Tate’s capsule collection to protect you from the sun and show off style and avant-garde, as well as a bit of culture. Click here to get them.