Between running around showrooms, shows, and presentations, everyone is busy working. We usually catch up with everyone in Paris right about now, when all of the work is finished and we can have a little breather, but when we developed some of my 35mm film, we remembered how many people we bumped into and how many parties we squeezed in. Here are some friendly faces nights spent out at the Neith Nyer, Gothking, Pairs Project, Jacquemus, Kenzo, Willy Cartier party, and one night at the Norwegian Embassy…

Camille of Neith Nyer and Friends at Jacquemus Party

Designer Shura Gang

DJ Cosmo

Florentin Glémarec

James Franco DJ at Gothking Party

Lead Singer of Gothking – Andrei Zozulya Davidov

Benjamin Brouillet and friend

Left: designer of Shura Gang; Middle: model Gio; Right: Editor at Paris Project

model Willy Cartier at his clothing launch

Left: Pedro Aguilar de Dios- PR for Palomo Spain

Max Sokolinski

Model Gio and friends

Neith Nyer designers Florian and Camille

Photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti

Photography Duo Cesar Love Alexandre

Right: designer Fyodor Golan at Kenzo Party

Russian Youtuber Masha Zolina

Vincent of Wanda Nylon